Bike Patrol

An increasing number of Vancouver area residents are asking for the extra security that bike patrols provide. A trained security guard on a bicycle is flexible and mobile enough to respond quickly, protecting property and preventing small incidents from snowballing into emergencies.

CMI Concierge & Security Inc. has designed a Shared Bike Patrol service that is both effective and affordable. When three or four neighbouring strata title or rental properties share one bike patrol, their coverage cost can be relatively low.

Here are some of the duties CMI’s bike patrol guards regularly perform…

  • Patrol site perimeters, lobbies, residential and visitor parking areas to ensure that all areas remain secure.
  • Monitor areas for potential problems such as loitering, disturbing the peace, suspicious or overtly criminal activity and either deal with it or report it to the appropriate agency for action.
  • Remove or have removed any unauthorized persons found trespassing on the sites.
  • Inspect mechanical and storage locker areas to ensure that all is in order.
  • Deal with any emergencies which may occur and be available to assist building personnel in the management of these events.
  • Liaise with the various emergency and monitoring services.
  • Carry and monitor a portable two-way radio, emergency pager or cell phone which the building staff or residents can call for assistance.
  • Deal with noise and other security related complaints.
  • Escort residents to their suites or vehicles.
  • Interpret and administer the rules, regulations and strata bylaws pertaining to the specific sites.
  • Monitor fire panels to discover and report any irregularities.
  • Keep emergency fire lanes and emergency access points clear so emergency services may access the sites unimpeded.
  • Assist residents by providing local knowledge about public transportation, parking, dining, entertainment, points of interest, current events etc.
  • Provide written reports of ongoing activities and incidents which occur during each shift.

Our experience has shown that security-related incidents decrease significantly in a neighbourhood after a bike patrol is established.

For more information about how your building can benefit from CMI’s Bicycle Patrol service, call 604-691-1733 or email: