About Us

Vancouver’s premier concierge service company, CMI Concierge & Security Inc. was incorporated in 1997 and now serves 18 properties with about 75 employees.

We provide concierge security service to some of the Lower Mainland’s most prestigious residences.

CMI has contracts for concierge and security service with Baywest Management, Gateway West Management, Rancho Management, Vancouver Condominium Services and the Wyndford Group.

While many companies offer concierge services as purely an ad-on, CMI specializes in concierge services and selects personnel and provides training for that function exclusively. We take pride in being the number one residential concierge providers in the Vancouver area and strive constantly to improve our services.

“Personnel are invariably polite and willing to provide service outside their job description… Our studies (and there have been a few, as this service is our largest single expense) have invariably shown that no other company can match its pricing.”

– The Strata Council Chairman of one of our buildings

For details about how your building can benefit from CMI Concierge & Security services, call 604-691-1733 or email: inquiries@cmiconcierge.com.